Friday, 14 July 2017

Bird Fair 18-19-20 August 2017

Dates for the 2017 Bird Fair
Friday 18th to Sunday 20th August 


Visiting the 2017 Bird Fair?

Calluna Books will be in Marquee 6, on Stand 13.

We will be taking along a wide selection of natural history books from our stock including many items at reduced prices.

If you would like to view any of our stock at the fair please contact us beforehand and we will bring them along for you to view - no obligation to buy.


Spain, Tarifa area... next tour September 2017

Looking for an autumn birding break?

Join Neil on a Birdfinders tour to Southern Spain to look for birds in the Tarifa area, overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar, 13th-19th September 2017. While the tour will concentrate on raptor migration as birds leave Europe for Africa there will be plenty of opportunities to find a good selection of other species.

For further information, previous tour reports or to book places visit:

Short-toed Eagle, expected in good numbers on this tour

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Lesvos... next tour, April/May 2018

Looking for a spring birding break in 2018?

Join Neil on a Birdfinders tour to the Greek island of Lesvos to look for the island's specialities and passing spring migrants, 28 April-5th May 2018.

For further information and previous tour reports visit:

Birding on Lesvos

Little Bittern

Cinereous Bunting
Poppy Fields, Lesvos
Eurasian Scop's Owl

Kruper's Nuthatch

Ruppell's Warbler

Spain (Coto Donana/Extremadura)... next tour, May 2018

Looking for a spring birding break in 2018?

Join Neil on a Birdfinders tour to Southern Spain to look for the wetland and steppe/ mountain specialities of Coto Donana & Extremadura, 10th-17th May 2018.

For further information, previous tour reports or to book places visit:

Coto Donana: El Rocio
Extremadura: Trujillo
Extremadura: Pena Rock, Monfrague National Park

Cinereous Vulture
Purple Heron

Cattle Egret
Lesser Short-toed Lark
Eurasian Griffons
Sardinian Warbler

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary or a treat... looking for a gift?

What do you get someone who has everything?

Why not book a day's bird watching out and about in Dorset?

We can supply a 'voucher' with some information and a bird checklist to give as a gift on the special day. After the gift has been given we will contact the recipient/s and arrange a convenient day to go out.

Check out the 'Dorset Guiding' page or contact us for more information.

also available:

'The Birdwatcher's Yearbook 2017'
(RRP £19.50) £17.00 incl. postage
Trade enquiries welcomed

publication date: in stock

'The Birdwatcher's Yearbook 2018'
(RRP £19.50) £17.00 incl. postage
Trade enquiries welcomed

publication date: 29th October 2018

A signed copy of the
'Best Birdwatching Sites: Dorset'
(RRP £17.95) £16.50 incl. postage

Go to the Yearbook page on the website to order online or contact us via the ordering page

2018 Birdwatcher's Yearbook... in prep

'The Birdwatcher's Yearbook 2018'
(RRP £19.50) £17.00 incl. 2nd class postage (£17.50 1st)
Trade enquiries welcomed

Publication date: 29th October 2017
2017 edition currently available online,
2018 edition will be available to pre-order end August

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Wildlife lecturers/photographers: entries for The Birdwatcher's Yearbook... 2018 edition

Do you give talks/lectures?

Would you like to have an entry in the 38th edition of The Birdwatcher's Yearbook 2018.

If you offer talks to groups why not take out a listing in the 'Directory of Wildlife Lecturers, Photographers & Artists' section. The cost of a listing is £20.00 (which includes a copy of the Yearbook, R.R.P. £19.50!) 

Space is limited so please contact us for further details at 

cover of the 2018 edition

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Calluna Books - about our logo

After the business name of Calluna Books was chosen it was easy to come up with a logo. The association of the Dartford Warbler with heathlands made it an obvious choice.

The illustration of the Dartford Warbler was drawn and engraved by G.E. Lodge and printed in the first book dedicated to Dorset's bird life. The Rev. J C Mansel-Pleydell's "The Birds of Dorsetshire: a contribution to the natural history of the county" was published in 1887.

Of the Dartford Warbler, Mansel-Pleydell ended with the words................
"..........and it is doubtful whether we shall any longer see our heaths enlivened by this active little bird" (comments made after the severe winter of 1886-87).

They survived, but were almost wiped out again as recently as the early 1960s after another series of bad winters left only 11 known pairs remaining in Britain by 1964 (including two pairs on the Arne peninsula near Wareham). Happily their numbers have now risen substantially and they have moved out of their core breeding range of Purbeck and the New Forest to many parts of southern Britain.

Dartford Warbler, May 2014. The New Forest © ng